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Introducing the BOWs Activity Barn

Exciting times are happening at BOWs! Welcome to out New Activity Barn!

We are so excited about all of the many blessings coming to BOWs during 2022! In addition to our new Activity Bus and the opening of our renovated Learning Center, we are also ready to unveil the new Activity Barn -- no animals allowed!

We will use the Activity Barn to store items for the children's outdoor activities, as well as all of our gardening supplies. The backside of the barn will also come to feature BOWs' new Farmers' Market, coming this Spring 2022.

We are working to transform the BOWs backyard into a safe space for our children to gather, play and learn about gardening, flowers, food and more. Our Farmers Market will provide fresh fruit and vegetables for the communities that we serve, helping to ensure that 2022 is BOWs' best year yet.


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