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Awards and Recognition

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We are so grateful for the recognition we receive for our work in the Greater Charleston, SC community. Although we don't do the work for an award, it is wonderful to know we are making a tangible difference in the community. It helps BOWs to be recognized and respected as a viable community organization dedicated to children and families. We look forward to seeing our accomplishments in the future.  We thank everyone for their support in this journey of hope to bring education, opportunities, and success to the children we serve.

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Jefferson Award Winner: Joyce Maybin-Nesmith


February 28, 2024

Joyce Maybin Nesmith of Beyond Our Walls (BOWs) has been honored as the April 2023 regional recipient of the prestigious Jefferson Awards Foundation by ABC News 4 (WCIV-TV) and Multiplying for Good. 

The local award honor individuals who are making a difference in the Lowcountry through public service. The Jefferson Awards is a national program that has been honoring extraordinary achievement in public service since 1972 by spotlighting those who put others first.  Past recipients on the national level include Oprah Winfrey, Peyton Manning, Bill Gates, Condoleezza Rice, Faith Hill, and Gen. Colin Powell.


This recognition celebrates our unwavering commitment to transforming lives through education and exposure, and acknowledges our effective initiatives, collaborative partnerships, and engaged volunteer community to multiply the power of good.  With a focus on fostering positive change, our goal remains to be an anchor of hope that inspires children and communities in the North Charleston, SC area.

Read the full story about Joyce and the Jefferson recognition here

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Silver Transparency Seal

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July 2023

BOWs just received the Silver Star Transparency Seal from CandidDotOrg.  BOWs has been honored with the Bronze or Silver Transparency Seal for seven years.  BOW's continued commitment to the community and dedication to transparency, accountability, and integrity are the foundation for our success and recognition and a valuable community asset. 

The Silver Transparency Seal reflects the trust placed in BOWs by the community, supporters, and volunteers to improve its services and operating practices to ensure that all resources are used efficiently and effectively.  Our guiding principles and standards are designed to guarantee the community outreach services provided by BOWs continues for years to come contributing positive lasting change to children and families.

​BOWs thanks everyone who contributed their resources to help us receive the Silver Transparency Seal for 2023. We appreciate your support and trust in our work for the community.

Bronze Transparency Award


January 2023

With immense joy and profound gratitude, we are delighted to announce that Beyond Our Walls (BOWs) has been honored with GuideStar’s Bronze Star Transparency Seal presented by CandidDotOrg.  For seven years, BOWs has received a seal of Bronze or Silver status.  This remarkable recognition fills our hearts with humility and serves as a testament to the unwavering commitment and passion that every one has demonstrated in our collective mission.


Receiving the Transparency Seal is not just an accolade, it reflects our shared values and the core principles that guide us. This esteemed recognition affirms our unwavering dedication to transparency, accountability, and integrity in all aspects of our organization. It validates the trust you have placed in us, and we are humbled by the faith you have shown in our work.

The Transparency Seal is not only a reflection of our past achievements but also a commitment to the future. It serves as a call to action for us to continuously improve, innovate, and refine our practices. As an organization, we pledge to uphold the highest standards of transparency and accountability, ensuring that every dollar entrusted to us is used effectively and efficiently to create sustainable and lasting change.

Elder Women Recognition: Joyce Maybin-Nesmith

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March 2023

During Women's History Month, the Power Tribe Community celebrated the contributions of seven extraordinary women at the Wisdom of the Elders Brunch. These revered elders have left an indelible mark in their respective domains, shaping the course of history for decades. Guiding the event was Octavia Mitchell, the anchor of News 2, who served as the EMCEE for the program. The agenda encompassed a thought-provoking panel Q&A session, complemented by a captivating Women's History Month Tribute delivered by the visionary Dr. Tonya Matthews, CEO of the International African American Museum.


The presence of a formidable local luminary, capable of forging paths, consolidating resources, and adapting with agility, is paramount to our North Charleston community. Our Joyce Maybin Nesmith is that presence.  She has stood tall for over 19 years as an elder and pillar bestowing an unceasing flow of wisdom anchored in education, love, and hope for our families.


Our Beyond Our Walls, Inc. (BOWs) family extends a heartfelt gratitude to the Power Tribe Community and Kenya Dunn, the visionary CEO and Founder of The Power Filled Woman for acknowledging the remarkable awardees, including Ms. Nesmith. Together with the dedicated BOWs Team of supporters and volunteers, we serve as steadfast beacons of love, guiding to a legacy of tomorrow that brims with promise and possibility for our children and our community.

Black History Month Trail Blazer Award


February 2023

With joy and appreciation, Beyond Our Walls (BOWs) Founder and Executive Director Joyce Maybin Nesmith accepted the Trailblazer Award by the North Charleston Police Department Cops Athletic Program (CAP) during Black History Month.  This honor serves as a testament to the relentless efforts and unwavering commitment of our team at Beyond Our Walls. We are humbled to receive this recognition, which highlights the positive impact we strive to make within our community.


We believe that unity and collaboration are the cornerstones of progress. CAP has shown remarkable dedication to fostering meaningful relationships and promoting harmony between law enforcement and the community they serve. This Trailblazer Award further solidifies our shared commitment to creating a brighter future for all.


We extend our gratitude to each member of the North Charleston Police Department's CAP for their unwavering support and belief in our cause. We are grateful for the opportunity to work alongside such dedicated individuals.  We also congratulate the fellow award winners who are making an impact in North Charleston. Watch the video of the ceremony here.

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