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Past Community Supporters

BOWs Volunteers have been involved in many projects over ten (10) years. We look forward to serving more and will post accomplishments towards our goals.

Please check our site often to see what we are doing to support parents and their children to work hard to acquire great skills and knowledge for whatever training or career desired.

We salute you for your effort, and applaud you for your time. Thank you just isn't good enough, so here's a little rhyme.


is a war WE shall defeat.

With the aid of special people like you,

WE shall break the trends of the streets.

Thanks for taking the time to encourage our young men and women.

Hamadi Brown

Professional School Counselor

Liberty Hill Academy

Charleston County Juvenile Detention Center

Past Projects

"It will take all of us to turn the tide. Please stay in touch with the Grad Nation Campaign on our website. Most importantly, thank you for your work. I am encouraged by the creativity and commitment of those like you who are helping to fulfill the promise of America for all our children."

Mrs. Alma J. Powell, Chair

America's Promise Alliance

"The 2008-2009 North Charleston High School Rotary Interact Club members would like to thank you for everything that you have done for us this past year. We appreciate the advice and we will use it to make our club more effective next year. You have given us the opportunity to develop our leadership skills and help our community through the projects that we worked on together."

NCHS Rotary Interact Club Members

"The pen pal program was great, it gave the girls practice in writing letters, made them aware of the world around them through someone else's eyes, and a chance to communicate with someone so near but yet so far from their inter-circle. But the best of all it gave the girls an opportunity to continue the lost art of traditional letter writing which computer and email has taken away."

Ms. Joyce Martin, Leader

Troop 306 - Girl Scouts Partnership with BOWs

2009-2010 School Year- Pen Pal Program at Burns ES

"Dear Joyce,

Thank you for the neat gifts of pencils and pops given by BOWs to the Catalyst Club members. Thank you for your faithfulness and positive influence. Believe me, we couldn't do it without you."

Sarah Moody, Counselor, Hunley Park Elementary School

Dear Joyce,

"I think that is very important to show the children in our communities that we are here for them. Your staff always does a good job at that. I am just thankful that I can be a little part of it".

Tammie Emanuel, Program Director,

North Charleston Recreation Dept.

"Your group is a blessing to our children! When do you meet? I can help spread the word about your organization. Although I'm retired, I still try to stay involved in any way that I can."

Mrs. Blondell Kidd

Retired Teacher - School Administrator


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