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New BOWs Activity Bus

We are so excited to announce that BOWs finally has our very own Activity Bus!

We would like to thank the City of North Charleston and its grant committee for awarding Beyond Our Walls, Inc. funds from the Community Grants Fund in order for us to purchase an Activity Bus to help us service families in the surrounding neighborhoods. We are committee to helping to build hope in the lives of the children of the North Charleston community, and this bus will allow us to quickly and easily increase the opportunities of all of our children.

This Activity Bus will be used, first and foremost, to take the children of BOWs on fun field trips, and transport them to educational and fun events throughout the Low-country and beyond. The future at BOWs is so bright, and we are so grateful that our dreams are coming true, anchored in a deep sense of hope. Thanks to all for your continued support of our growth and efforts.


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